2018 Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference

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2018 Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference

We're telling the FLOW story to the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association in November 2018! Can we take your information along to share in Bellingham, Washington?


Our Founder, Amanda Wells, has been invited to discuss St. Louis, FLOW, and how writing theory and practice can create community throughout our region and beyond. We are excited to present our story, principles, and experiences to an international gathering of writers and educators. We have also been asked to contribute a chapter to a book that will be submitted to an academic press. We are honored to have such a significant opportunity to put the St. Louis writing community on the map for social innovation.


We are seeking sponsors to help us participate in this conference. If you are an author, printer, organization, or press venture, we can take your information to the Pacific Northwest and get you in front of writing scholars from around the world. How? Sponsorship and marketing via the following avenues:

  • In return for your $25 sponsorship, we will include your name, web address, and up to 50 words about your project/business/organization in our printed materials for distribution at the conference.
  • For a $50 sponsorship, we will provide the above as well as include your information linked from digital materials made available to conference attendees after the conference.
  • For $100+ sponsorship, we will provide both of the aforementioned and include a 100-word description, logo or photo, and link to your website from a new supporter page on the FLOW site for four months after the conference.

We are overjoyed to engage with scholars from around the world and see this as a pivotal move for St. Louis writers. Your sponsorship will help fund the $2,000 that this particular trip will require. Thank you for helping us bring St. Louis to a whole new level of writing scholarship and visibility!

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