1000 Words: Transforming Your Internal Narrative (Online Workshop)

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1000 Words: Transforming Your Internal Narrative (Online Workshop)

Our internal narratives are the foundation for how we carry ourselves and interact with other people and the world. Whether you're looking for empowerment, to clarify your life's work, or build your personal brand, this six-week online experience will enrich and deepen your understanding of yourself. We'll begin with what you think you believe about yourself and examine your words, thoughts, and feelings to create a highly-individualized personal narrative that gets to the soul of who you really are. Guided reflection and readings will help direct your discovery process.


You have the option to schedule a private portrait session with award-winning photographer Marissa Southards of the critically-acclaimed work, The Awakenings Project. During this session, your first and final narratives will be read to you. Marissa will capture the physical differences in your appearance as you embody your own words from beginning to end. You'll bear witness to the power of the stories you tell yourself. This experience includes your private sitting and two edited portraits at an exclusive rate of $75. Marissa's work with you and your words will leave you with a tangible reminder of your self-talk. We highly recommend this as the capstone to your online experience.


The complete six-week online cycle is $189. A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space for this small-group experience.  The $75 portrait session will be billed separately upon your request for this additional item.


Registration is currently open. Online experience begins January 7, 2019.

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Type YES if you are potentially interested in adding the private portrait session at an exclusive rate of $75. Otherwise, type NO.

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